Jó Gazda-ENG

gazdalapoka printed and online professional magazine for agro-entrepreneurs, farmers and gardeners

  • • It brings professional articles from established and renowned experts from various fields of agricultural and livestock products
  • • The magazine is read by agricultural companies, entrepreneurs , agricultural specialists, vegetables and flower growers and backyard farmers
  • • The printed version is published monthly in range of 32 colorful pages, in hungarian language
  • • It is distributed mainly in the southern part of Slovakia in areas of intensive farming and gardening activities
  • • The online version aims to reach all the hungarian speaking agricultural specialist and farmers

Contact us on mobile phone: 00421 905 295 351
or by e-mail at: jogazda.lap@gmail.com

Ing. Ladislav Szilvássy chief-in-editor
Editorial Office JÓ GAZDA
Published by: AGRÁRGAZDA o.z., Slovakia, 925 92 Topoľnica 200